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The title says it (mostly) all. For the last several weeks, whenever I close Visual Studio 2008, it keeps asking me if I want to save my macro files, obviously even if I haven't touched them. So if I only open VS2008 and then close it (without opening files, or anything) I get this screen:

Do you want so save the following elements?

It doesn't matter if I select Yes or No, the next time it asks me again.

Any ideas where I can start looking into this problem?

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Timing coincides with the infamous February 2014 Windows update. See stackoverflow.com/questions/22413278/my-macros-stopped-working –  Sergey Vlasov Mar 21 at 10:54
Wow, thanks! It worked like a charm! Write it as an answer and I'll accept it. –  MikMik Mar 21 at 11:33

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