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I want to save the position of list items after drag and drop. So that when next time I will open the same page then I will get the previously changed position of list items.

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and where is your code? –  Tommy Mar 21 at 8:52
Are you using sortable ? –  Yasser Mar 21 at 8:54
1- Check for Ajax Request. 2- Add a column in your database to manage the order. –  Debflav Mar 21 at 8:55
yes. I am using sortable –  user3445292 Mar 21 at 9:38

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Create a Table in your database for that, and save the position of the items in there. Like this you can access the position-data easily.

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The following link could prove to be useful to you. It involves drag and drop seating arrangement but at least you could get a start after going through the link.

Drag and drop seating arrangement in Php

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