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I have built a UITableView inside a UIViewController through the storyboard. The UITableView acts as the apps settings and is only visible on a button click. I tried customizing the UITableViewCell through the storyboard as well. I tried static cells, but i soon learned that static cells arent supported outside a UITableViewController. Now I am trying to work with prototype cells. I see my cells on the storyboard but I do not see them when I run the app. Last trial I went for was building the cells programmatically following this tutorial.


No luck yet..

Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

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well, tutorial is pretty straight forward, check if you're setting your dataSource and delegate to be equal to your VC, then check if your method numberOfSections is returning 1, then check if method numberOfRows is returning value != 0... please paste your code here –  anonymous Mar 23 at 0:25

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