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I have Telerik MVC Grid in my view when i'm make group my my grid my one row displayed none and then other rows after that shift to left. Like this

Normal Grid enter image description here

Group by Grid enter image description here

And this is my Grid View Code

    @( Html.Telerik().Grid<MyModels>()
                     .Name("grdAccTransactions").NoRecordsTemplate("No record to display")

                     .HtmlAttributes("width: 100%;cellpadding:0;")
                     .Columns(columns =>
                         columns.Bound(e => e.CrhTarih).Title((string)ViewData["Date"]);
                         columns.Bound(e => e.CrhTipNam).Title((string)ViewData["Description"]);
                         columns.Bound(e => e.CrhRef).Title((string)ViewData["Ref"]);
                         columns.Bound(e => e.CrhDvzTut).Title((string)ViewData["Amount"]);
                         columns.Bound(e => e.CrhYrlTut).Title((string)ViewData["DebitBalance"]);
                         columns.Bound(e => e.CrhVade).Title((string)ViewData["DueDate"]);
                         columns.Bound(e => e.CrhIdent).Hidden().IncludeInContextMenu(false).Groupable(false).Sortable(false).Visible(false);
                         columns.Bound(e => e.CrhTip).Hidden().IncludeInContextMenu(false).Groupable(false).Sortable(false).Visible(false);
                         columns.Bound(e => e.CrhIslem).Hidden().IncludeInContextMenu(false).Groupable(false).Sortable(false).Visible(false);
                     .DataBinding(d => d.Ajax().Select("GridAccountTransactionBinding", "Transaction"))
                     .ClientEvents(events => events.OnRowDataBound("onRowDataBoundAccTrans").OnLoad("onloadaccountTR").OnRowSelect("onRowSelectaccountTR"))
                     .Pageable(paging => paging.Enabled((bool)ViewData["paging"]).PageSize(10))
                     .Filterable(filtering => filtering.Enabled((bool)ViewData["filtering"]))
                     .Scrollable(scrolling => scrolling.Height(330))
                     .Resizable(config =>
                     .Reorderable(config =>

And this is my client event for change nuber formats in grid "onRowDataBoundAccTrans"

    function onRowDataBoundAccTrans(e) {
     var decimal = $("#decimal1").text();//my value
     var currency = $("#currency1").text();//my value
     var dsep = $("#dsep1").text();//my value
     var tsep = $("#tsep1").text();//my value
      e.row.cells[3].textContent = accounting.formatMoney(e.dataItem.CrhDvzTut, currency, parseInt(decimal), tsep, dsep);//i'm formatting value here and wrote that value on that cell
      e.row.cells[4].textContent = accounting.formatMoney(e.dataItem.CrhYrlTut, currency, parseInt(decimal), tsep, dsep);//i'm formatting value here and wrote that value on that cell

This function gets me error but how can i handle this? Because i have to format values on client side

Is telerik have some function grid.hasGrouped?? or any exprience for this situation??

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