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This is my situation (I'm using Windows 8.1):

I'm using the Turnkey Linux Redmine Appliance with Oracle VM VirtualBox. Installation and Configuration worked fine and Redmine is running how it's supposed.

The problem is I need to configure files inside the Redmine project directory. To get access to the files of my Virtual Machine Appliance I'm using WinSCP. It's also working fine but I can't find my project directory.

The book I use (Mastering Redmine) says (for example) the configuration.yml file should be in the directory:


But I cant even find the redmine folder inside the share folder.. I hope someone knows where the project folder is and could say me the path.

Thank you very much in advance!

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check /var/www/railsapp (taken from Turnkey forums) –  gotva Mar 21 at 9:54
Thank you very much! I'm wondered that I didn't find it but four eyes are better than two ;) Please write your comment as an answer so I can accept it :) –  Lukas Warsitz Mar 21 at 10:02

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check /var/www/railsapp (taken from Turnkey forums)

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