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Hey! I think this is a simple question for you. Most of the system apps and also some third-party apps have integrated a CodeSignature in their bundle. I heard with such a CodeSignature the system would not ask anymore for accepting incoming network connections (if the firewall is enabled). Now the question is where to get such a CodeSignature...
Thank you for your help!

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Where and how to get code signed?

See Code Signing Guide:

Code signing is a technology introduced in Mac OS X v10.5 that ensures the integrity of code and allows the system to recognize updated versions of code as the same program as the original. Once you have signed your code, any change in the code that you did not intend—whether introduced accidently or by hackers—can be detected by the system. On the other hand, your signature on an updated version of your program tells the system to treat the new version exactly as it treated the old, so that users are not bothered with obscure dialogs asking them to give permission to the keychain or some other system component to interact with your code.

Signing code is fast, requires few resources, and increases the size of your deliverable by less than 1%. Signatures do not alter how your code runs and are ignored by Mac OS X versions prior to Mac OS X v10.5; therefore, there is no reason not to sign your code. However, there are a few things you need to know before you begin. This document explains the terminology and concepts you need to know and gives you a few straightforward procedures you can follow to sign your code.

Because the system will expect all code to be signed, any code that is not signed will not behave in the same manner as the majority of the programs on the user’s system. In particular, the user is likely to be bothered with additional dialog boxes and prompts for unsigned code that they don’t see with signed code, and unsigned code might not work as expected with some system components, such as parental controls. It is highly recommended that you sign all code intended for use with Mac OS X v10.5 or later.

Therefore, if you are delivering, or intend to deliver, code that might ever be run on Mac OS X v10.5 or later, you should read this document.

Code Signing Guide

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