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I want to get skype db file, which is main.db and is not encrypted like watsapp etc, and copy to my custom folder.
What i am trying to do is following: (My Device is rooted and i am giving my app SuperUser access)

public void getSkypeDB() throws InterruptedException

Process sh;
        sh = Runtime.getRuntime().exec("su", null, null);
        File skypeDir= new File("/data/app", "/com.skype.raider");
        Toast.makeText(getApplicationContext(), skypeDir.toString(), 0).show();
    catch (IOException e)

After doing this, my app crashed !!!

How can i get access to its database or access to the location of databse in data/app/ folder ???

Any idea ??

Thanks !!!

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The database for an app won't be in /data/app/<app_package_name>, that's where the downloaded or pre-bundled APKs are located. The runtime data directory for an app is at /data/data/<app_package_name>. Also, be sure to include the stack trace from your exception catch or from the crash itself, otherwise it is a lot harder for people to help.

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datbase will be in /data/data/<app_package_name>/databases/main.db –  Sunny Mar 21 at 10:34
Thanks for the quick response :) I will just try it now. and in case i get any error , i will surely post logs in future. –  Nomi Mar 21 at 10:37
@sunny... there is not database folder ... :/ My device is rooted and i am checking it in root explorer... –  Nomi Mar 21 at 11:00
It's a silly question, but has the Skype app actually been loaded and run on that device? –  Larry Schiefer Mar 21 at 11:05
@LarrySchiefer.. no its not there really man... Why would i say that ?? Yeah skype is logged in and there is a small chat between 2 users . Device is rooted, i am giving superuser access to app... what else u want to know ?? dont comment about the question plz... if you know the answer then kindly explain otherwise list yourself in viewers only !! –  Nomi Mar 21 at 11:22
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