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I am using Unity 4.3.3 and Facebook Unity SDK version 5.0.3

Once the user has logged in, and accepted our permissions, the game continues and posts as desired. However if the game closes and then restarts, the user has to log in again.

I m not calling the log in function when we start up again, why? because that causes the momentary app switch which looks horrible and is jarring. The tooltips seem to suggest that the Init should attempt to restart with valid session data. However prior to and after calling that init function, the Access token seems to be blank. So there is no automatic login occurring.

I tried printing access token and expiration stamp using FB.AccessToken and FB.AccessTokenExpiresAt. When the user logs in the both of them are printed. However if i close the app and start it again access token is null and expiration stamp is shown as 01/01/0001. Which means that the fields are not being saved.

What can be the reasons for such behaviour? And is there any way to explicitly save the fields?

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Are you sure you added correct tag? App switch happens when running on iOS, we don't use app switch on android. Anyway, you should just call FB.Init and if the user is logged in, session is re-created –  juraj Mar 27 '14 at 20:34

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