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Is there a way in Visual Studio to add some comment to my code while I am executing debugging?

If I try to do it Visual Studio tells me that changes are not allowed.

Searching on Google I found many people that ask about this feature but I can't find a real solution to insert some comment into my code (only bookmarks).

Is it impossible or is there a way to accomplish this operation?

I know that in Java (using Eclipse) I can do it and it is very comfortable

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If you have enabled Edit and Continue (E&C), you should be able to edit code while your program is in break mode, e.g. you've hit a break point. It should be enabled by default, but if for some reason it isn't, you can read how to enable E&C here. For 64-bit applications, support for E&C was added with .NET 4.5.1.

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I have enable it but I still have the same problem :-( –  AndreaNobili Mar 21 at 10:56
What type of asp.net application u are working on? Check the Line writtent as "Edit and Continue is supported for 64-bit projects that target the .NET Framework 4.5.1." –  Kamran Shahid Mar 21 at 11:05
@AndreaNobili Even still there are a few areas where E&C doesn't work, lambda constructs at least. –  kenny Mar 21 at 11:07

Why not actually use the bookmark feature of visual studio?

Look under Edit->Bookmarks->Toggle Bookmark. On my machine that's a shortcut of holding Ctrl and tapping K twice.

There are shortcuts for previous/next bookmark, disable all, etc, etc.

You can also see a list of all bookmarks in the Bookmark Window (under the View menu) which allows you to name your bookmarks...

enter image description here

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If you just want to add comments as a deugging aid, i.e. not 'real' code comments, you can use a datatip aka pinned watched window's comment. Hover your mouse over a variable until the watch window pops up, pin it (top button) then expand comments (bottom button) and type whatever you want. These pinned windows are retained in between debugging sessions, and so are your comments. Combine this with bookmarks for quick navigation (Ctrl-k-k, Ctrk-k-n). Shown in action here, additional info here

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