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I am using OpenBSD installed with perl, apache, firefox, gedit. I am trying to run foswiki on OpenBSD.

Whenever i try to run

it gives 500 internal server Error. When i checked Logs it revels following information.

[Wed Mar 19 08:24:33 2014] [error] (2)No such file or directory: exec of /htdocs/foswiki/bin/configure failed

[Wed Mar 19 08:24:33 2014] [error] [client] Premature end of script headers: /htdocs/foswiki/bin/configure

Can someone guide on what is the issue and how do i resolve. ?


Location of files: /var/www/htdocs/foswiki

The httpd.conf file has following configuration.

> ServerType standalone

     Timeout 300 
KeepAlive On 
MaxKeepAliveRequests  100 
KeepAliveTimeout 15 
Include /var/www/conf/modules/*.conf

> DocumentRoot "/var/www/htdocs"
> ScriptAlias /foswiki/bin "/var/www/htdocs/foswiki/bin"
> Alias /foswiki "/var/www/htdocs/foswiki" Alias /foswiki/pub
> "/var/www/foswiki/pub"
> <Directory "/var/www/htdocs/foswiki">
>     Order Allow,Deny
>     Allow from all
>     Deny from env=blockAccess </Directory>
> <Directory "/var/www/htdocs">
>     Order Allow,Deny
>     Allow from all
>     Deny from env=blockAccess </Directory>
> <Directory "/var/www/htdocs/foswiki/bin">
>     AllowOverride None
>     Order Allow,Deny
>     Allow from all
>     Deny from env=blockAccess
>     Options ExecCGI FollowSymLinks
>     SetHandler cgi-script
> </Directory>
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Maybe i'm wrong, but in the OpenBsd the apache is chrooted by default, and the foswiki configuration calling external programs. (and of course it want call perl - what is (imho) not allowed with a default OpenBSD apache config).

You can verify this, by copying the cgi-bin/printenv, from the default cgi-bin directory to the foswiki bin set the perm: chmod 755 /var/www/htdocs/foswiki/bin/printenv and point your browser to

And you should to get the same error.

For testing, if you want run your apache WITHOUT chroot, you can try add to


the next:


and restart...

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Hi jm666, Your input was valuable. it did worked. Thanks a ton - regards – Neha Mar 24 '14 at 11:04

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