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I have a Mac application that hangs when a command is executed. When I force quit this application, Mac generates a report with the current stack trace. The stack trace looks like:

14 start + 53 (App 14.0) [0x2955]
14 main + 164 (App 14.0) [0x444f5f]
13 Paste + 53 (App 14.0) [0x2955]
12 PasteInternal + 164 (App 14.0) [0x444f5f] and so on...

Wondering what does the prefixed numbers (14, 13, 12...) mean here? Is it the number of times this method is called?

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Are you sure the first one is also 14, not 15? –  Thomas Weller Mar 21 '14 at 14:58
@ThomasW.:Yes, I have posted a sample but yes the real trace has a number of 14s then couple of 13s then 12s and so on. –  A9S6 Mar 22 '14 at 3:42

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