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So basically, I have a Golog implementation of a smart hospital room with a robot nurse (nursebot) and a robot wheelchair (wheelchair) both of which have finite battery reserves. The trouble is, I can't seem to make the battery value register at all. Here's what I have so far:

battery(X,(Y - 2),result(A,S)) :-
battery(X,Y,S), A = moveTo(nursebot,_,_), X = nursebot.

battery(X,(Y - 3),result(A,S)) :-
(battery(X,Y,S), A = getInWheelchair, X = nursebot);
(battery(X,Y,S), A = getOutWheelchair(_), X = nursebot);
(battery(X,Y,S), A = wheelchairMove(_,_), X = wheelchair);
(battery(X,Y,S), patientInWheelchair(S), A = move(wheelchair,_,_), X = wheelchair).

battery(X,(Y - 1),result(A,S)) :- 
battery(X,Y,S), not(patientInWheelchair(S)), not(nursebotInWheelchair(S)), A = move(wheelchair,_,_), X = wheelchair.

battery(X,Y,result(A,S)) :-
(battery(X,Y,S), not(A = moveTo(nursebot,_,_)), not(A = getInWheelchair), not(A = getOutWheelchair(_)), X = nursebot);
(battery(X,Y,S), not(A = move(wheelchair,`_`,`_`)), not(A = wheelchairMove(`_`,`_`)), X = wheelchair).
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What's the purpose of arguments such as Y - 1, Y - 2 and Y - 3? Are you aware that Prolog doesn't evaluate arithmetic expressions in line, such as when passed as arguments? Expressions are only evaluated with is/2 and with some specific comparative predicates such as >/2 and =:=/2. –  lurker Mar 21 at 11:36

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