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I need a book to recommend strategies for load-testing an ASP.NET application with SQL Server backend.

Some info that may be useful:

  • how to write a load test plan
  • what perfmon counters to use and typical threshold values
  • finding bottlenecks
  • various load testing tools
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Microsoft has a Patterns & Practice book called "Performance Testing Guidance for Web Applications"

I haven't read it, but I've skimmed through it, and it looks like something that you or others would find beneficial. Plus, it's free.

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I can recommend two books published in 2010:

  1. ".NET Performance Testing and Optimization - The Complete Guide, by Paul Glavich, Chris Farrell".

The first book is pretty complete source for performance testing. It reflects all 4 topics listed in the question. The second book is written more from performance optimization standpoint, but also discusses in-depth bottlenecks, perfmon counters and load testing tools. It is also a free pdf eBook.

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