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I am building an application using the reference Google Developer Sample Project. According to this tutorial i will get an authorization code from browser and will put it later in my application.But i don't want to work like this. I need to get the authorization code in direct way. Actually I want to upload file to the Google Drive account with a button click event. Every thing should be done hidden inside button click event.

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You saw you are doing Android development, but the quickstart you linked to is for the standard Java API. Any reason you aren't using the Android-specific version? developers.google.com/drive/android This will use Android-style authorization. –  Cheryl Simon Mar 21 at 20:26
@CherylSimon thanks for your comment, actually i was expecting that it will work in android too, as android use the same language (JAVA). can i use the code in android? –  Pir Fahim Shah Mar 22 at 4:19
Yes, its possible. –  Cheryl Simon Mar 22 at 16:15
@CherylSimon Now i am using the android tutorial of google drive serives, which you refer me, but i have one problem there –  Pir Fahim Shah Mar 22 at 16:51

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