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I've been working on an assignment and am stuck. Here's the full question. The following Racket data definitions model the elimination rounds of a sports tournament (where the sport can be either soccer or baseball):

;; Tournament is either
;; - (make-init-match MatchData)
;; - (make-advance-match MatchData Tournament Tournament)
(define-struct init-match (data))
(define-struct advance-match (data feeder1 feeder2))

;; MatchData is (make-match-data String String Score)
(define-struct match-data (contestant1 contestant2 score))

;; Score is either
;; - (make-soccer-score Number Number Boolean)
;; - (make-baseball-score Number Number Number)
(define-struct soccer-score (goals1 goals2 extra-time?))
(define-struct baseball-score (runs1 runs2 total-innings))

Using the given Racket data definitions as a starting point, design a class hierarchy for a Java program that models a tournament. Your hierarchy should be represented using a class diagram.

The diagram i got so far is below. I would appreciate it if you can walk me through steps or refer a good source.

enter image description here.

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You are asking for help for homework in StackOverflow? Not sure if it is the good place. –  zenbeni Mar 21 '14 at 12:32

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