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I've follow this tutorial to create RenderWindow in QFrame.

Everything fine, except this

sf::Vector2i pixelPos = sf::Mouse::getPosition(); sf::Vector2f worldPos = RenderWindow::mapPixelToCoords(pixelPos);

In sf::Mouse::getPosition();
It refer the mouse position of my screen, not refer to my QFrame.

What variable should I fill in () of sf::Mouse::getPosition


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class QSFMLCanvas : public QWidget, public sf::RenderWindow hence you can call sf::Mouse::getPosition(*this) from within your class' methods.

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You need to use

sf::Mouse::GetPosition(sf::RenderWindow &Game);

So it is relative to your window, not your full screen.

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sf::Mouse::getPosition(sf::RenderWindow); give error, So I use this sf::Mouse::getPosition(sf::RenderWindow()); but I refer to (0,0) every time I click. –  delio Mar 21 at 12:13
@delio I meant you have to pass in a reference to your RenderWindow, I was just showing the type. –  Cyber Mar 21 at 12:17
But problem is I don't know what variable is a reference of my RenderWindow. Please you find it in this tutorial? –  delio Mar 21 at 12:22

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