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Can the following piece of code be rewritten w/o using Collections.synchronizedMap() yet maintaining correctness at concurrency?

Collections.synchronizedMap(new WeakHashMap<Class, Object>());

i.e. is there something from java.util.concurrent one can use instead? Note that merely replacing with

new ConcurrentHashMap<Class, Object>(new WeakHashMap<Class, Object>()));

obviously won't work

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The important benefit of highly concurrent data structures such as ConcurrentHashMap is that it can (through a variety of techniques) remain thread-safe under heavy load without (much) blocking. It is important to realize that if your class is not under heavy load, your performance with ConcurrentHashMap could be worse than with HashMap. If your environment is expected to be largely free of contention that you can use external synchronization and you'll be just fine. –  scottb Jul 8 at 23:42

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Guava's CacheBuilder class allows you to do this easily.


Note that this changes key equality semantics to be == instead of .equals() which will not matter in your case of using Class instances but is a potential pitfall.

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I don't believe there is. In fact the javadoc suggests using Collections.synchronizedMap()

"Like most collection classes, this class is not synchronized. A synchronized WeakHashMap may be constructed using the Collections.synchronizedMap method."

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unfortunate that it doesn't have a putIfAbsent method... –  rogerdpack Mar 30 at 20:12
@rogerdpack: but you could always compose a WeakHashMap into a roll-your-own ThreadSafeWeakHashMap and, using a monitor lock, write your own putIfAbsent(...) pretty easily. Agreed that this would be suboptimal under heavy loads but not everything is heavily loaded. –  scottb Jul 8 at 23:46

Does wrapping the WeakHashMap in a synchronized map still work correctly for what you want to do, since the garbage collector can modify the weakreferences directly at anytime, bypassing the synchronized map wrapper? I think WeakHashMap only truly works in a single threaded model.

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