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I have classical server configuration schema with Nginx + PHP-FPM. Most of pages on my site contain data that saved into redis. Thus it is too many indirect (through php-fpm) lite requests to redis from many independent users. I use phpredis PHP extension to communicate with redis from PHP code. Can I use phpredis pconnect() method to decrease number of TCP connections between my backend servers and redis server? Should I expect no mush up of different users data within shared connections?

PHP version is 5.3.x
phpredis version is 2.2.4
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Using pconnect will definitely enable using existing connection and help decreasing the number of tcp connections thus enabling a better performance

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I have enabled pconnect two months ago and everything works well. There is no one inter-users data mush up detected. –  Ostrovski Jun 4 at 7:02

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