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I am using facebook login in my app. Everything works fine but the problem is that when I log out of app & try to login. My app takes me to safari to facebook permission page. Is there any method I can store session token in iOS for my app.

I know, NSUserDefaults are used but I am unable to use them sing in new facebook sdk facebook have deprecated the propertis like sessionToken.

I tried using tokenCacheStrategy, which is provided by facebook but cant restore session event if it is stored to cache memory. I can not get how to use it from their tutorial. I am using following code as per tutorial

FBSession *session = [[FBSession alloc] initWithAppID:nil permissions:@[@"email, basic_info, user_birthday"] urlSchemeSuffix:nil tokenCacheStrategy:tokenCaching];

But what after this? How can I detect I have got a token & how to use it, & what for the condition if user is returning to app without logging out?

I am using this code for login previously

NSArray *permissions = [[NSArray alloc] initWithObjects:@"email, basic_info, user_birthday",nil];
[FBSession openActiveSessionWithReadPermissions:permissions allowLoginUI:YES completionHandler:
 ^(FBSession *session,
   FBSessionState state, NSError *error) {
     [self sessionStateChanged:session state:state error:error];

Please give me some advise or suggestion on this topic. Thanks in Advance.

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check the [[FBSession activeSession] isOpen] then directly login from that other vise do login – Mitul Bhadeshiya Mar 21 '14 at 13:55
@MitsBhadeshiya, yeah I am doing that but it works when I am not logged out. If I logged out then there is no active session thus I am storing it in cache – demonofthemist Mar 21 '14 at 13:57
Why would you store their info after they log out? That go against the idea of LOGGIN OUT... just do what @MitsBhadeshiya said... – Andy Apr 9 '14 at 6:37

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