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I've got a server control in a dll deployed as part of a wix msi installation. I have gotten the installer to make the control available in the toolbox's ADD ITEMS window, but the contol isn't added to the the toolbox by default.

How can I configure wix the installer to automatically add the toolbox item to, say, toolboxes to be shown for asp.net websites and web application projects under a new Category.

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Looks like this post contains the start of the answer.

Still don't know how to get the WiX to use this custom action properly, but at least this is a good start.


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Do you want to install Server controls into VS 2005? if yes, did you make it to work using the way which is described in the link?

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For visual studio 2010 you can use the following link as a starting point http://blogs.msdn.com/quanto/archive/2009/06/12/how-do-i-deploy-a-toolbox-control-as-a-vsix.aspx

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