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From my mono application, running under Linux, I want to run another one as root user. At the moment I use Process.Start, running gksudo.

This solution works quite well under one condition - there is gksudo installed.

I need a mechanism to elevate privileges for a mono assembly (not necessarily as another process) that does not rely on a particular, desktop-dependant application like gksudo or kdesu and is not console-based (like good ol' sudo).

Actually I believe I need a way to PAM-ify my application.

The solution does not have to be Windows compliant, but it would be a nice bonus.

I've seen many possible answers to my problem, but none did resolve all the issues.

A very nice approach was, but it requires an assembly to be ran as root, which is not possible.

This inspired me to try a new approach. I've tried running

Process.Start("whoami", "otheruser", password, "");

The output should be otheruser, but it is not.

Please mind that I leave the domain (last parameter) empty (is that OK?) and I fill password according to this example.

This solution is not the best one - it requires me to provide means to grab a password, but it is acceptable, although not working.

The best option for me would be to make my environment choose the correct way to receive a password - either by a Qt/GTK popup or a console prompt.

The last thing to keep in mind - to run an app as root I'd love to be able to provide a sudoer password, not necessarily a root password (according to sudoers configuration).

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