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I am using PouchDB and am trying to replicate from a cloudant server. I also have a nodejs app that proxies the requests to cloudant using the technique described here

var request = require('request')

module.exports = function(pattern, host){
  return function(req, res, next){
      var db_path = req.url.match(pattern)[1]
        , db_url = [host, db_path].join('/');

app.use(forward(/\/db\/(.*)/, TARGET_URL));

I am calling replicate on my pouchdb like this:

db.replicate.from('http://localhost/db/myDb', {continuous: true})

Looking in the network tab the first request succeeds, however subsequent requests are made, but instead of calling http://localhost/db/myDb they are going to http://localhost/db and thus result in a 404. For some reason it has dropped the name of my database.

Any idea why this is happening?

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Just try Smileupps. It's a free couchdb hosting service supporting the latest version of CouchDB(1.6.0), compatible with PouchDB as well.

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Thanks I did end up using couch happy actually! –  Derek Ekins May 7 '14 at 8:06

there is some logic that assumes a host/dbname setup, for how you could use a http://localhost/db_myDb name setup by changing the last line of your app to app.use(forward(/\/db\_(.*)/, TARGET_URL)); though there are some other issues that PouchDB has at the current version with cloudant

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I've heard at least one person say that they found success by syncing PouchDB <-> CouchDB <-> Cloudant. PouchDB offers 1st-class support for CouchDB and IrisCouch; for other providers like Cloudant or Couchbase Sync Gateway, we're working on it.

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