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I am trying to launching a centered browser window via a form-button using the following code...

Test button

The new browser appears the correct height and width, but the left and top attributes are ignored, so the window appears top-left.

Am I being too ambitious trying to make this code in-line? Is there any other syntax I should use or should I give-up and call a function instead (I would rather not if I can avoid it)?

I am using Firefox 3.0.17 (latest), but the same effect happens in IE7.

TIA, Alan Harris-Reid

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care to show some code ? it would be helpful in order to get good answers .. – Gaby aka G. Petrioli Feb 13 '10 at 3:18
Actually, he did show some code... just Stack Overflow stripped it out. This is his raw post, without it stripped:… – icktoofay Feb 13 '10 at 4:13
up vote 1 down vote accepted explains how to do it. But I would recomend using a floating Div instead because of pop-up blockers.

Lets say you want to open a window that has a size of 200h x 150w. By taking half of the height and width (100 and 75 respectively) you can pinpoint the center of the window. Then with a little math you can center the window. Here is how it is done

function MyPopUpWin() {
var iMyWidth;
var iMyHeight;
//half the screen width minus half the new window width (plus 5 pixel borders).
iMyWidth = (window.screen.width/2) - (75 + 10);
//half the screen height minus half the new window height (plus title and status bars).
iMyHeight = (window.screen.height/2) - (100 + 50);
//Open the window.
var win2 ="filename.htm","Window2","status=no,height=200,width=150,resizable=yes,left=" + iMyWidth + ",top=" + iMyHeight + ",screenX=" + iMyWidth + ",screenY=" + iMyHeight + ",toolbar=no,menubar=no,scrollbars=no,location=no,directories=no");

To call this function in HTML use this:

<A HREF="javascript:MyPopUpWin()">This is the link</a>
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That works nicely. Pity it didn't work as an inline onclick command, but I suppose functions are more flexibile in the long-run. Thanks, Alan – Alan Harris-Reid Feb 17 '10 at 23:57

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