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Using the client-side ASP.NET AJAX library, I have created an instance of a client component with the $create shortcut-method ( The object is attached to a DOM element. Now I need to get a reference to the instance, but it is neither registered on window or on the DOM element, and I cannot find it anywhere.

Does someone know how you can obtain a reference to the instance?

Best regards,


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Check if you supplied all required parameters - e.g. the Dom Element. – Atanas Korchev Oct 22 '08 at 17:56
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Does the $find() routine find it?

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According to MSDN, Sys.Component.Create should return the object that it just created. And, $create is just a shortcut for Sys.Component.create.

Returns: A new instance of a component that uses the specified parameters.

So, try:

var instance = $create(someType);
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Yes, the $find method turned out to be the solution for me.

I could probably also use the return value of $create if I had any influence on how the javascript was rendered on the page - but unfortunately I didn't... :-)

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