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I've installed Node and restarted my computer, added ;C:\Program Files\nodejs\ to my Paths, but when I run $ node -version in the command prompt to check the version it returns "'$' is not recognized as an internal or external command, operable program or batch file.

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You don't need the $. It is just a prompt marker on Unix-type systems. It is tradition among the Unix folks when listing in instructions some commands to enter at the command line to precede a command with the $. It signals that it is a shell command, but when you type the command, you don't type it. So if you see:

$ node foo.js

You type node foo.js at the command line prompt, and not the $.

You might also see # sometimes, which again, traditionally, is a prompt but this one is associated with the root user. So it would precede a command to be executed as the user root on a Unix-type system.

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