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I have no idea. I set the COM reference to Shell32. See screenshots below. enter image description here

You see it is there.

enter image description here

But it is ambiguous?

This picture may help as well:

enter image description here

I don't understand why it is there twice. I did move the project from a Windows XP machine to Windows 7 both under VS2010. How did Shell[ResidualLoadAdjuster] get there (ResidualLoadAdjuster is the name of my project)? How do I remove it? What is VtblGap1_2? Difference in V-Table between Shell32.dll for XP and 7 I suppose but I would like more details.

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Found how to remove it. Under the References tab of the Project Properties, there was a reference to the release EXE. I have no idea how it got there, but removing that reference removed the superfluous Shell32.Shell. If someone knows how it got there and what the VtblGap1_2() was all about, I will leave this answer unaccepted in order to accept a deeper explanation.

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