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I've just set up Visual SVN Server and slik SVN clients.

I imported a project from my desktop computer into the repository. Then, on my laptop I checked out a copy and made some changes. When I tried to commit, it failed saying it was not a working copy.

I thought maybe I had somehow messed up the svn files, not sure how I would have though. Anyway, I checked out another copy and then immediately tried to commit it, but again, it said not a working copy.

I must be missing something here.


I used svn import to import the project and svn checkout to checkout the project

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Do you get output when running svn log or svnversion commands in your checked out project? –  Trevor Feb 13 '10 at 4:23
Are you sure you did the svn commit from inside the checked-out directory? svn co file:///dir/repos/project; cd project; change-stuff; svn ci -m "changed stuff" –  Frank Feb 13 '10 at 4:53

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Depending on how you check out, it might have created an extra sub-folder, e.g., MyProject\MyProject. In this case, the working folder would actually be the lower directory. If you try to commit from the higher directory, it will say it is not a working copy (because it isn't, you need to go one level down).

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