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I am looking to find a random alpha-numeric ID from a URL returned in some JSON. Using the example:

"responseURL" : "http://sutureself.com/userid/123abc"

... I want to just match on the 123abc. So far I have:


... but this matches the whole URL. What do I need to add to only match this ID? Note, the length of the ID can differ.

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Are you looking for [^/]+$ –  devnull Mar 21 at 16:37
And what's in your capture group there after the match? Is it not what you want? –  unigeek Mar 21 at 16:42
@unigeek No, what it captures is http://sutureself.com/userid/123abc, I just want 123abc. –  SutureSelf Mar 21 at 16:44
What language are you using? –  MElliott Mar 21 at 16:47
@devnull Close, but this includes the ending quotation mark and the closing brackets of the JSON. –  SutureSelf Mar 21 at 16:47

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Looks like you need to set the template to "$1". See comments in this related post.

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How about this:


Working regex example:


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upvote from me for regex101--nice. –  unigeek Mar 21 at 17:18

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