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OK, so I have tried everything possible but still having issues.

I am testing on two devices. An iPhone and an iPad. When I connect the iPhone to Xcode and hit run it builds on the iPhone without any problems but when I connect the iPad to Xcode and hit run it fails and gives me this

This product type must be built using a provisioning profile, however no provisioning profile matching both the identity

I used to be able to test very easily before I upgraded to Xcode5.

Now it works on one device but not the other. Can anyone please tell me how I can fix this?

All my devices are upgraded to iOS 7.1 as well.

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Have you added your iPad device in your provisioning profile? –  Natarajan Mar 21 '14 at 17:04
Yes. I used to be able to test on it before I upgraded it to 7.1 and on Xcode 4.5 it used to work perfectly but doesn't work anymore after I did the upgrades. –  Hugh Mbaezue Mar 21 '14 at 17:26

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In order to fix this problem, please follow these steps:

I. Go to Xcode Settings (Xcode -> Preferences), and select "Accounts." Make sure you are signed in to your developer account.

enter image description here

II. Click on the first tab under the run button, and then click on the name of the project (circled in red)

enter image description here

III. Under "Identity" select the account that matches your build identifier, or click "Fix Issue"

enter image description here

IV. If this does not fix your issue, go to "Build Settings" -> "Code Signing"

enter image description here

V. Finally: If this does not fix your issue, go back to the Certificate Center in the iOS Developer Center (developer.apple.com) and reprovision the certificate, then repeat these steps.

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