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Is there any plugin that let us record the editing session in ECLIPSE? Say for example I want to learn from the best programmer how he codes in Eclipse etc, and we can replay how he does stuffs.

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There are quite a few tools which will record video from a computer monitor, but, seriously? You're not going to learn anything about programming from watching someone type.

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There is nothing native to Eclipse allowing to record, and then replay, a full Eclipse editing session.

Even Macro recording (Bug 8519 - keystroke macros recording and playing capability) is one of the most upvoted (131 votes)... and still not planed 8 years later (2002-2010 at the time of this writing)

The alternatives are few and not mature. Even the official Eclipse Monkey proposal has been withdrawn.

Right now, the best way to record a tutorial and transfer some knowledge on a topic is:
Eclipse Cheat Sheet (since Eclipse3.2).
You can register a session that way:

alt text

And download some recorded session like this one about API tooling setup.

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It's not recording, but the eclipse communication framework allows you to link two editors together for pair programming. This is likely a better solution (pair programming) to what you seek than simply watching someone else's nervous keyboard ticks without the ongoing dialogue anyway.

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