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I see Telerik Demo, it has some sorting example. But I could not make it work the same way.

For example:

  • Click a column header, sort ascending
  • Click again, sort descending
  • Click another column, sort by the column ascending
  • Click again, sort descending

What I did:

radGridView.SortDescriptors.Add("ColumnName", ListSortDirection.Ascending);

It sorts fine but I can't see the down/up arrow indicator to show the column is sorted descending/ascending in my code.

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I just tried it in a new project, and I do get the indicator arrow pointing up for ascending and down for descending.

 radGridView.SortDescriptors.Add("column3", ListSortDirection.Ascending);
 radGridView.SortDescriptors.Add("column4", ListSortDirection.Descending);

enter image description here

They're hidden, however, if you've disabled the user's ability to sort.

Make sure EnableSorting to True in the designer, or add this line of code before the sort:

radGridView.EnableSorting = true;

After looking more closely at your question, it appears you might be manually sorting and then adding a SortDescriptor. Try clearing all existing sort descriptors before adding the new one:

radGridView.SortDescriptors.Add("ColumnName", ListSortDirection.Ascending);
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Thanks, I actually radGridView.EnableSorting = true; but after the assignment, I watched the property, it is still false. very strange. Maybe it is b/c I set some properties to enable drag & drop –  toosensitive Mar 21 at 18:42

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