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I'm developing a project and I have a problem about this subject.

I'm constructing ruby on rails project which will provide listing students with name.

First of all , I will list my students information in a table and one part is missing.

When the user clicks on Student Name , another table will appear and show the other information of students(like course or GPA).

The table shows the students name ( this part is succeed.)

But I don't know how to post my variable when user clicks on the students name.

Moreover , I know fundementals of AJAX.But I don't know how to pass my variable while user clicks on students name in the table.

I don't use form , and I try to fix this problem with link_to_remote method but I can't post my variable.Because I can construct my table in for-loop according to my listing variable which contains whole database.I filter for getting only names and surnames in controller part of ruby on rails and i have listing variable for this.when in for-loop i use <%=student.name%> tag for displaying the part of my variable.and I must post this variable to page for filtering GPA or Course name according to names.I need something like link_to_remote method for posting my variable student.name

I'm waiting your help.

Code is below :

    <table border="1">
    <% @listing.each do |student| %>
       <%=student.name%> <%= student.surname %>
<% end %>
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I have fixed that problem.. I used :with keyword with link_to_remote :) –  user216428 Feb 13 '10 at 6:14

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problem fixed ,:with => "'id=blabla'" in link_to_remote method

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