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I just reinstalled Eclipse Juno. The problem i have is when i create a new file and start writing, CRLFs are inserted on Return.

Second case: When i fully mark the text of a file (without CRLFs) ans COPY them into another file (i use CRTL+A and DEL to get rid of the file contents and then PASTE i get the file content with CRLFs!)

The resulting file looks like:

Test blah CRLF
Line two ... CRLF

How can i get rid of them?

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Solution to this is to configure Eclipse accordingly.

Windows->Preferences->General->Workspace In the right lower corner there is a setting called "New text fiel line delimiter" which i had to switch from Windows to Unix.

The already CRLF prensent i had to remove using Eclispe->File->Convert line delimiters to ->Unix .

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