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I'm working on a project, built with Lithium PHP framework, and have a strange issue:

I have two controllers for users - one for the front-end of the site, and one for admin panel. Both of them have edit() method, which calls the save method of the Users model.

And the problem is this one:

When I attempt to change the password in the admin panel - $request->data contains the confirmPassword POST field --- BUT --- validation rule for it never triggers. And when I attempt to register the user on the front-end - the validation for confirmPassword triggers.

The methods have one and the same code:

public function {add / edit} ($request, $user) {
    if (!$request->data) {
        return array(200, $user);
    $success = $user->save();
    return array($success, $user);

The validation rule is in the model, & it uses a custom validation, defined in config/bootstrap/validation.php with this code:

Validator::add('matchesPassword', function($value, $format, $options) { ...

And finally - the website is built with Lithium PHP framework (it's new for me) and uses li3_resources, and all the controllers and models extend this Resource class.

So ... where could this POST field disappears? ... Any clues? ...

Edit: when I wrote public function {add / edit} ($request, $user) { I meant both methods:

public function add($request, $user) { ... 
public function edit($request, $user) { ... 


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Have you done a dump of the data (i.e. $request->data or $user->data()) to see if it is actually there and getting populated? Based on only your description, it seems likely that there is a mismatch between your field name (confirmPassword) and the validation rule (passwordConfirm). See models/Users.php, line 57. –  Nate Abele Mar 22 '14 at 4:58
When I make dump in both add and edit methods, then $request->data contains the password and passwordConfirm properties with right value, while $user->data() does not ... it contains only password, and the value there is already encrypted. (In fact - I guess this happens after the actual attempt to save the data.) –  pesho hristov Mar 24 '14 at 18:06
(Btw, it's my mistake for the confirmPassword, I don't have anything like this :) ... it's passwordConfirm everywhere - in the views, the models, etc.) –  pesho hristov Mar 24 '14 at 18:08

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I found the reason for the problem :) ...

On the validation rules, defined in the model by the previous developers, there was this clause:

'on' => 'create'

which was causing the validation rule not to trigger when editing.

PS: I tried to dump the rules in the validation itself (in this class - https://github.com/UnionOfRAD/lithium/blob/master/util/Validator.php - in the annonimous function on line 469:

return static::_filter(__FUNCTION__, $params, function($self, $params) {

but the dumping never happened ??? ... probably if it worked there - this could save me some time ...

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