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I am trying to do the following and wondering if it is possible with Mongoose:

  1. Keep an array of sub-document Id's to easy use mongoose's populate method.

  2. Store the sub-document data in another collection


var ParentSchema = new Schema({
    children : [{ type: Schema.ObjectId, ref: 'Child' }]
mongoose.model('Parent', ParentSchema);

var ChildSchema = new Schema({
    name : { type: String}
mongoose.model('Child', ChildSchema);

This is what I want my database to look like:


    _id: ObjectId("52856528cb28bdc18acac23a")
    name: "John"
    _id: ObjectId("52856528cb28bdc18acac23b"),
    name: "bob"

I want to easily be able to call populate by doing the following:


Is the populate method capable of joining an array of data in this way? Also, how would I store the collection of Id's in the parent schema and store the sub document in the child schema (and do this in a way that I can use the populate method later)?

Note that this reference: does what I want except that I intend to store the sub-document in another collection NOT as an embedded document.

Thank you in advance

var Child = mongoose.model('Child'),
Parent = mongoose.model('Parent');

var parent = new Parent;
var child = new Child({name: "bob"});, child){
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This code worked:


So it is possible to populate sub documents that are located in seperate collections.

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This is not a sub document. You are talking about ref: Subdocuments are: – Martin Jan 10 '15 at 15:50

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