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In summary: I want to unit test classes that use an IDocumentSession using an EmbeddableDocumentStore (the recommended approach I believe). Compared to using a session created with a "real", locally-hosted DocumentStore - a simple test using a static index runs very slowly. Having run some basic profiling - about 7x slower (see below). I can't use RavenTestBase as utimately I want to use this approach to test using SpecsFor.

I was expecting tests using the in-memory store to be very fast - am I doing something wrong to explain this performance?

EDIT: Having read this I disabled my anti-virus, this has made no difference.

The difference between the two approaches:

I create an EmbeddableDocumentStore by:

    private static IDocumentStore CreateInMemoryEmbdeddableDocumentStore()
        var embeddedStore = new EmbeddableDocumentStore();
        embeddedStore.Configuration.RunInMemory = true;
        embeddedStore.Configuration.RunInUnreliableYetFastModeThatIsNotSuitableForProduction = true;
        embeddedStore.RegisterListener(new NoStaleQueriesAllowedListener());
        return embeddedStore.Initialize();

and the "real" DocumentStore by:

    public IDocumentStore CreateLocalDocumentStore()
        var store = new DocumentStore { Url = "http://localhost:8080", DefaultDatabase = "ColourTest" };
        store.RegisterListener(new NoStaleQueriesAllowedListener());
        return store.Initialize();

In both cases I am using this to ensure indexing has taken place before getting query results:

    public class NoStaleQueriesAllowedListener : IDocumentQueryListener
        public void BeforeQueryExecuted(IDocumentQueryCustomization queryCustomization)

I then get a session by:

    private static IDocumentSession ConfigureIndexesAndCreateSession(IDocumentStore store)
        IndexCreation.CreateIndexes(typeof(Colours_ColourCountByMood).Assembly, store);
        return store.OpenSession();

Using this session, I setup test data (with the real store, I also delete existing data first). As usual I then run the method being tested - which uses a static index - and do an assert.

Comparing performance with profiling:

I also added logging calls through the code (see complete code here) to compare timing in both cases. Sample results of a test run:

  191 ms : Start create EmbeddableDocumentStore
 1819 ms : Finish create EmbeddableDocumentStore
 1819 ms : Start embeddedStore.Initialize()
 3411 ms : Finish embeddedStore.Initialize()
 3411 ms : Start CreateIndexes
 5322 ms : Finish CreateIndexes
 5322 ms : Start OpenSession
 5330 ms : Finish OpenSession
 5331 ms : Start test data storing
 5852 ms : Finish test data storing
 5853 ms : Start test Act
 6985 ms : Finish test Act
 6985 ms : Start test Assert
 6998 ms : Finish test Assert

    1 ms : Start create DocumentStore
    1 ms : Finish create DocumentStore
    2 ms : Start documentStore.Initialize()
  608 ms : Finish documentStore.Initialize()
  608 ms : Start CreateIndexes
  717 ms : Finish CreateIndexes
  717 ms : Start OpenSession
  717 ms : Finish OpenSession
  718 ms : Start DeleteTestData
  730 ms : Finish DeleteTestData
  730 ms : Start test data storing
  823 ms : Finish test data storing
  823 ms : Start test Act
  957 ms : Finish test Act
  957 ms : Start test Assert
  957 ms : Finish test Assert

Having run these a number of times the above figures are representative: when running embedded, the relative slowness is apparent/inherent throughout the test code.

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You need to use the RunInMemory property directly on the EmbeddableDocumentStore.

Also, you might want to run that several times, to see the timing. We are doing a lot of upfront work to reduce overall costs.

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I've run this again a few times but get similar results. Taking a look at the source, it looks like calling "embeddedStore.Configuration.RunInMemory = true;" and "embeddedStore.RunInMemory = true;" do the same thing - RunInMemory just sets the corresponding property on its RavenConfiguration instance. – rogersillito Mar 24 '14 at 11:10
If I duplicate (copy, paste and then rename) my test method "TestUsingInMemoryEmbeddable()" multiple times within my test fixture, the first copy that runs performs as above, but all subsequent copies run very quick (200ms). This suggests that even though within each copy I am creating a store/session and then disposing each of these - something hangs around in memory so that the in-memory store gets created and initialised much quicker on subsequent test invocations within the same run... – rogersillito Mar 26 '14 at 12:38
If so then the performance issue I thought would be multiplied for each time I create/initialise an EmbeddableDocumentStore (i.e. each class I test where I need an IDocumentSession) is much less of a problem. Does this fit with your understanding? – rogersillito Mar 26 '14 at 12:39

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