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I've created a distributed cluster using Memcached over Infinispan.

Now, I need to access to my cache using SpyMemcached client.

I tried this :

AuthDescriptor ad2 = new AuthDescriptor(new String[]{"PLAIN"}, new PlainCallbackHandler("username", "cryptedpass"));
ConnectionFactoryBuilder factoryBuilder = new ConnectionFactoryBuilder();
SerializingTranscoder transcoder=new SerializingTranscoder();  

ConnectionFactory cf = factoryBuilder
MemcachedClient memcachedClient = new MemcachedClient(cf,Collections.singletonList(new InetSocketAddress("ONE_NODE_IP_ADDRESS", 11211)));
memcachedClient.add("test", 0, "testData");

But I get this error :

2014-03-21 19:19:22.952 WARN net.spy.memcached.protocol.binary.BinaryMemcachedNodeImpl:  Operation canceled because authentication or reconnection and authentication has taken more than one second to complete.

Already, It seems to me a bit confusing. If over a machine I have multiple caches, which cache would my client choose???

Thank you a lot!

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Infinispan supports only the text version of Memcached protocol.

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