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I am trying to store website contents in XmlNode. my website structure is

  • Site1

    1. List1

      • Folder1
      • Folder2
        a] file1
        b] file2
      • Folder3
    2. List2

  • Site2
    1. List1
    2. List2
  • Site3 ...............
  • Site4 .........................

So how do i store it in XMLNode. my method should return whole structure as an node not as document. Thanks in advance.
EDIT: In above case what are the node or element and how to maintain proper hierarchy.

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Why do you not want it as a document? After all, you could us the document's root node for your purposes? – Rowland Shaw Feb 13 '10 at 7:47

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can you be more specific waht is the problem if the problem parsing the html or creating the XMLNod. Here is A link that shows creating xml by code ti creates XMLDocument but you can use just tha part that creates the root XMLNode

About parsing th html look at this link

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Sounds to me you would like to waLk the ´object model´ (your site structure) and build an XML document with this structure.

A recursive function would be an option (pseudo code):

BuildRecursiveStructure(SiteStructureNode currentSiteNode, XmlNode buildNode)
        newNode = xDoc.CreateElement( );
    buildNode.addChild( newNode );
        foreach (?? childSiteNode in currentSiteNode.Children)
        BuildRecursiveStructure( childSiteNode, newNode );

XmlDocument xDoc = new XmlDocument();

BuildRecursiveStrucure( SitesInfoRoot? , xDoc.DocumentElement);

Hope this helps,

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