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I have a JSP where data is shown by use of a for:each loop. In this loop I have a multibox tag which will display checkboxes next to each corresponding row. A user will have the ability to select all or a few or none of the checkboxes and click print.


------------- ------------------ ---------------------

<logic:iterate id="message" name="MessageForm" property="nameList">

<html:multibox name="FORM" property="GETINVITATIONS">
<bean:write name="FORM" property="name" />
<bean:write name="FORM" property="selectedInv" /> <------ how to add String array to 'GETINVITATIONS'?

<td><bean:write name="FORM" property="name" /></td> [NAME]

<bean:define id="List" name="FORM" property="invLst" type="java.util.ArrayList" />
<html:select style="width:200px;" name="FORM" property="selectedInv" styleId="selectedInv1" multiple="true"> [MULTIPLE INVITATION NAMES]
<html:options name="List"/>


Only name is being added to the GETINVITATIONS; selectedInv is not adding to it. Only name printing in the console. How to do it?

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I'm assuming that selectedInv is String[], is that correct? – Buhake Sindi Feb 13 '10 at 9:38

Why don't you try this?

<html:multibox name="FORM" property="GETINVITATIONS">
<bean:write name="FORM" property="name" />
<logic:iterate id="inv" name="FORM" property="selectedInv">
    <bean:write name="inv" />&nbsp;

Basically, you're iterating through the the selectedInv field (which is an array of String) and write it to JSP (using bean:write).

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