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I'm trying to use an HC-06 JY-MCU bluetooth slave to write to serial using Arduino Uno. I want to pair my MacBook Air with the device and be able to read that data. However, I don't seem to be able to read any serial data when connecting.

On the Arduino, I have the RX/TX from the HC-06 going to digital pins 0 and 1 and power and ground connected to 5V and GND. I am using the following code:

void setup()

void loop()

On the terminal I can use screen to read the data coming in. However, when I disconnect the serial cable and pair the Bluetooth to the laptop and attempt to screen to view it, I am left with a blank terminal window.

What am I doing wrong / should I be doing?

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i don't think the HC-06 can't communicate with mac. It's the same with iphones, they dont support the correct protocols to like to the HC-06. Apparently bluetooth modules that support bluetooth 4.0 can

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