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Hello and Thank you in advanced for the help.

I am new to Ant so I am not very good with writing build.xml files to export my project into jars.! However, this is basically what I do when I want to export one of my projects from eclipse: I right click on a project through the 'package explorer' > 'Export ...' > and then select 'JAR file' and the following shows up: enter image description here

I then simple hit 'Finish' to complete. After this step I have a build.xml file that runs through ant and uses the jar that I just created (cmn.jar). The ant then finishes successfully.

My question is: How do I write an Ant build.xml (lets call this, buildCMN.xml) that export my 'cmn' project as jar going through the same process I did through Eclipse?

I have tried using the following lines in my ant buildCMN.xml:

<target name="jar" description="Package into JAR" depends="compile">
    <jar destfile="<somedir>/cmn.jar" basedir="<root project>/cmn" />

this does create a cmn.jar but I think I might be missing some extra components in my buildCMN.xml file. Because when I run my second build.xml which is supposed to use the created cmn.jar, I get the following error:

  1. Package x does not exists.
  2. Symbol not found

Can someone please show me a full build.xml file that follows the same build step as Eclipse for exporting a project into a jar?

I have looked through different StackOverflow pages but I still haven't found an answer to my problem.

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Can you see and check if it helps. It just builds a single class file into a jar. – Mohan Kumar Mar 21 '14 at 21:40
Your basedir should have all the class files. For example if your package is abc.cde and you store your class files inside $Project/classes/abc/cde, then your base dir should be $Project/classes . Are you setting your base dir properly ? – Mohan Kumar Mar 21 '14 at 21:44

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