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I have a huge (over 700mb) XML file with entries that i need to add to db. I used Nokogiri to iterate over nodes and save it to db. It took almost a day. Then i added sidekiq gem, created workers and reduced time to 5 hours. Strange thing is that after a hour or so it slows down. At start my configuration creates about 100 entries/second, and then slows to 20-50 for the rest of the process. The problem is that i cant find bottleneck and why is it slows. Need help

Ruby 1.9.3 + Rails 4.0.3 + PostgreSQL + Redis + sidekiq + Nokogiri

Nokogiri iterator:

doc.xpath('data/entries/entry').each do |entry|
  product = {
    sid: entry.at_css('sid').content,
    title: entry.at_css('title').content,
    description: entry.at_css('description').content

  EntryWorker.perform_async product


class EntryWorker
  include Sidekiq::Worker

  def perform hash
    sid = hash[:sid]

    product = Product.where(sid: sid).first_or_initialize

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Have you tried using Nokogiri in SAX mode and not using ActiveRecord at all? Then chunk your INSERTs into 1000 or so and do each chunk inside its own PostgreSQL transaction. –  mu is too short Mar 22 at 2:15
What happens if you just comment out the part that inserts it into the database? That is an easy way to figure out where the bottleneck is. –  jjanes Mar 24 at 15:37

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