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I cannot seem to find a way to disable the Asset Pipeline in Rails 4.1, I see a lot of information 3.2.

I want to use Grunt/GulpJs and bower to handle all of my assets and I cannot seem to find something for this. Rather I find a decent amount but most of it doesn't apply to me or is broken.

There is the Halfpipe gem however Halfpipe relies on Rails 4.0 and I'm on Rails 4.1 and I can't find where to force a Gem to install in different version of Rails if thats even possible.

This question expanded into a few more questions than I intended, basically I just need to know how to disable the Asset Pipeline, barring that how to integrate GruntJS.

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You can disable the asset pipeline in config/application.rb by adding the following line to it :

config.assets.enabled = false

You could also turn off asset pipeline while creating a new rails application by passing the --skip-sprockets option to it:

rails new myappname --skip-sprockets
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So it is as simple as that? Then I can just use grunt to build my files and serve those in my layout partials and be good? –  Patrick Cauley Mar 22 at 2:41
I have never used grunt so can't comment on that part but yes you can disable sprockets as simple as that. –  Kirti Thorat Mar 22 at 2:50
Basically Grunt just outputs your files minified/concatenated/compiled etc similar to what the pipeline does but with other benefits and more flexibility, not to mention I understand it. If you wouldn't mind answering one more question. Is there anyway to install a gem that has a different version requirement? I have a gem that requires 4.0 but I am using 4.1 because a different gem uses it. –  Patrick Cauley Mar 22 at 2:52
Tricky. Does it say that it will only work with 4.0 or it's a minimum requirement? If it says only with 4.0 then you can think about downgrading. –  Kirti Thorat Mar 22 at 2:59
I'm not sure to be honest..I forked the gem and removed the 4.0 requirement. It's Half-pipe which according to the documentation is little more than a generator for using Grunt so in theory it shouldn't break anything or depend on Rails at all. In the video explaining it the only Rails specific function is commenting out Sprockets. Thank you by the way you've been very helpful. –  Patrick Cauley Mar 22 at 3:09

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