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I do not know anything about codes. I am trying to build a website useing Joomla 3.2. I have 3 badges at this time and maybe a 4th badge I would like to have float next to each other in the footer of my page. 1st being AVG badge 2nd being SSL badge 3rd being rank site badge 4th being a merchants badge The only thing I know how to do is copy and paste. I did this with all four badges and two was next to each other the 3rd was under the 1st badge and the 4th did not show up. And they only showed up on the left part of the page. I have tried some codes that said to float 3 next to each other and some how jacked my page up so bad I had to start over so 2 weeks later and a back up this time here I am. If I missed anything let me know and I will be more than happy to upload it. Thanks all for your help

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You need to give us some code –  Zach Saucier Mar 22 at 3:09

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