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Please I am trying to find built in function that compares not the alphabet but the digits in two character array. for example

if in char array1[50] there is a number 500 and in char array2[50] there is a number 100 so I should be able to compare which one is bigger, in this case 500 is bigger which is array1 so what is the built in function for this. Please help me.

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why not use std::string and compare –  Claudiordgz Mar 22 at 2:11
atoi() and the > operator –  Red Alert Mar 22 at 2:11
In my program I have used string and its a big program so I cant change it to string now. –  user3215228 Mar 22 at 2:11
I don't understand why can't you use string, you can just initialize std::string array_string(array1[0], array1[50]) and use compare and then return to char array after the process –  Claudiordgz Mar 22 at 2:14
@Claudiordgz Maybe OP wants to compare the numbers represented by the strings, not the strings –  Niklas B. Mar 22 at 2:21

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prepend(add '0' at the beginning) '0' so both strings become same in length, then you can use strcmp(), or std::string::compare() depending on your data type.

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Use boost::lexical_cast:

if (boost::lexical_cast<int>(array1[50]) > boost::lexical_cast<int>(array2[50]))
    // array1[50] bigger than array2[50]
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