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"week": "1-16",
"course": "math",
"lecturer:": "AAA",
"credit": "2"   },
"week": "9-16",
"course": "tech",
"lecturer:": "BBB",
"credit": "2"   },
"week": "1-8",
"course": "English",
"lecturer:": "CC",
"credit": "0.5"   },
"week": "1-16",
"course": "German",
"lecturer:": "DDD",
"credit": "4"   }

I 've got such a JSON and I've parse it to a NSDictionary using the following code

NSDictionary *resultDic = [NSJSerialization JSONObjectWithData:resData         options:NSJSONReadingAllowFragments error:nil];

but when I try to get the value from the keys of NSDictionary , an error occurs I found there is no key in the NSDictionary.

So how can I get the value using ObjectForKey Thanks

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Go to and study the JSON syntax. (It only takes 5-10 minutes.) Then you will see that what you have is an array containing "objects" (dictionaries). – Hot Licks Mar 22 '14 at 3:05
And it's "NSJSONSerialization", not "NSJSerialization". – Hot Licks Mar 22 '14 at 3:06

resultDic would be an array of dictionaries, not a dictionary itself. You want something like this:

NSArray * resultArray = [NSJSONerialization JSONObjectWithData:resData   options:NSJSONReadingAllowFragments error:nil];
NSDictionary * result = [resultArray objectAtIndex:0];
NSString * week = [result objectForKey:@"week"];
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