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I see in the CLISP implementation notes the availability of #'read-char-sequence and #'read-byte-sequence. Hot stuff.

But is it possible to seek to a particular point in a file before doing the desired reading?

I've searched both Steele's Common Lisp the Language and the CLISP implementation notes, and not found an answer.

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You can use file-position.

(file-position my_stream)

This returns the current position in the file.

(file-position my_stream n)

This sets it to the nth position.

However there are sometimes problems with using this in Unix. Make sure you do not go beyond EOF.

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(rolls eyes) My searching skills are deficient. All I sought was "seek", not "position". Thanks for the answer. As to "Make sure ...", readers should be advised that (file-length my-stream) can make this easier. –  Bill Evans at Mariposa Mar 22 '14 at 9:40

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