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I want to move to a new SVN server.

On my current server I have a load of really old stuff in there that I don't really care about - I want to move it to the new server but not move any of the history. I have a load of images and stuff in there that will make my nightly backup a lot bigger than it needs to be.
For this code I assume I'll just export it from the old server, delete the images and so on that shouldn't be in there then check into the new server.

I do have some code in there that I do want to retain the full history for.

How do I go about doing a dump for only some of the projects in the repository?


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Have a look at… – tangens Feb 13 '10 at 12:19
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svndumpfilter is the general-purpose answer to that question. I've never used it myself yet so I can't give you any syntax examples, but the book chapter may get you at least started.

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Thanks, this looks like exactly what I'm after – Roaders Feb 13 '10 at 12:44

I've just gone through this and ran into a number of dramas. The whole process is covered here and might save you some grief:

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