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I have tried the below code for finding the underlined text in a html file, but it is not working.

while True:
    for line in f.read():
        for i in line.split():
            for m in range(j, k):


Here is my HTML file:

   <ul> hill </ul>
   <p> millfhhf </p>
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for parsing html content, it is advised to use one of python's xml parse module. –  user3 Mar 22 at 6:30
Btw <ul> is unordered list. <u> is underlined text. –  janos Mar 22 at 6:36
If you're expecting that while loop to break, you're going to be waiting a while. –  roippi Mar 22 at 6:37

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This becomes really simple if you use the BeautifulSoup module, which is going to be far better at parsing HTML (especially if it is messy HTML).

import bs4

f = open("test.html")
soup = bs4.BeautifulSoup(f)

for underlined in soup.find_all('u'):
    print underlined.get_text()

Also, the tag for underlined text in HTML is <u>

       <u> hill </u>
       <u> millfhhf </u>
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showing error no module as bs4 –  Sumeet ten Doeschate Mar 22 at 6:43
Yes, you need to install it. It isn't included with Python by default. What operating system are you using? –  mdadm Mar 22 at 6:46
windows 7 operating system –  Sumeet ten Doeschate Mar 22 at 6:48
You'll want to install it either using pip or easy_install (obtained with the python setuptools). See this stackoverflow question for instructions. –  mdadm Mar 22 at 6:52
Did that help, were you able to get bs4 installed? –  mdadm Mar 24 at 13:56

This code does not work because read() returns the rest of the file and then you iterate over it char by char. For lines use readline() or just iterate over the file:

for line in fp:
    # do whatever

That said, use htmlparser or BeautifulSoup or an XML parser for any reliable parsing.

Also, the tag for the underlining is <u>, not <ul>.

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read doesn't return the next character, it returns the whole rest of the file. –  Blckknght Mar 22 at 6:35
CAN U TELL ME HOW TO USE HTML PARSER –  Sumeet ten Doeschate Mar 22 at 6:36
@Blckknght oh right, will update, thanks –  bereal Mar 22 at 6:36
@SumeettenDoeschate see @mdadm's answer. –  bereal Mar 22 at 6:40
@SumeettenDoeschate Don't shout, please. –  m.wasowski Mar 22 at 6:47

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