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I want to develop an embedded application on Linux.

I want to know the operations and functionality of the boot loader and code for our Application perspective. Please help me "How to Test the boot loader code." with python/expect scripts.

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It depends upon the architecture (ARM and x86 have different boot loader) and probably upon the hardware. And I don't understand why to test a Linux application you need to vary the boot loading! Please edit your question to improve it (explain what hardware, what application, what boot loader code). –  Basile Starynkevitch Mar 22 at 6:46
we are using arm processor for our project application..using Black box testing for a embedded Linux application . one Authority asked me test boot loader code from power plugin on wards.we are using expect-tcl for interacting testing.is it possible with expect now for this test? –  rihi kalian Mar 22 at 6:54
i mean power plugin to the target hardware application. –  rihi kalian Mar 22 at 8:07

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